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1st GSoC week summary


These summary posts aim at being direct and concise, unlike those aimed at brainstormings, which are more verbose. I'll only post here the main points, without much elaboration in order to keep it short.



  • Made a simple command function that prints out a welcoming message
  • Made a command function that prints out a list of currently enabled modules
  • Made a command function that prints out locally available modules


  • Mercurial practice:
    • evolve extension
    • ssh connections
    • branching
    • resolving conflicts
  • Prosody: Re-reading most of the documentation
  • Luarocks: 
    • Studying Luarocks-admin commands
    • Looking for packages.path and packages.cpath related code


  • Community Bounding Period mindset - I feel like I'm still biased to do research like if I was in the CBP in order to review and understand a growing number of concepts
  • Few commits - A feeling that I'm still not totally aware of what is going on has led to few commits, in my opinion, this week
  • Final weeks of the semester - Well, everyone should be having time issues related to this by now, but nevertheless it still has a considerable toll on project development

Possible/Planned future goals:

  • Improve current prosodyctl commands to list all locally available modules and tell which ones are enabled and disabled
  • Implement a command that enables or disables local modules (Probably similar with what happens with the telnet console commands)
  • Decide how should the program behave with modules that require configuration
  • Understand how Luarocks deals with package management and dependency resolution


The first GSoC has been stressful. One of my main personal problems is a continuous struggle between researching and trying to figure stuff out before actually starting to something, even after been given perfect instructions by my mentors. At some point this week it was clear to me that this was happening, since I was continuously delaying my blog post and code writing. Therefore I forced myself to put out some simple commits, has a starting point. Hopefully I will be able to build more on top of them, while grabbing all the info that I need.