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1st GSoC week summary

These summary posts aim at being direct and concise, unlike those aimed at brainstormings, which are more verbose. I'll only post here the main points, without much elaboration in order to keep it short. Events: Prosodyctl:Made a simple command function that prints out a welcoming messageMade a command function that prints out a list of currently enabled modulesMade a command function that prints out locally available modules Research:Mercurial practice:evolve extensionssh connectionsbranchingresolving conflictsProsody: Re-reading most of the documentationLuarocks: Studying Luarocks-admin commandsLooking for packages.path and packages.cpath related code  Difficulties:Community Bounding Period mindset - I feel like I'm still biased to do research like if I was in the CBP in order to review and understand a growing number of conceptsFew commits - A feeling that I'm still not totally aware of what is going on has led to few commits, in my opinion, this weekFinal weeks…
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Project Introduction: XSF, XMPP and Prosody IM

Prosody: Plugin Installer What is this all about? This project aims at developing a tool to manage plugins in the XMPP server Prosody. It should have the power to install, remove, update and list them. A repository will be set up, and scripts should be provided to build and manage it. XMP-What? XMPP stands for eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol, which is a XML (eXtensible Markup Language) based communications protocol for message-oriented middleware. Communication protocols are important, because they clearly state how entities should communicate. Without them, everybody would communicate in any manner they'd come up with, which would be a mess to understand. Even inside an organization, different parties could start with the same blueprint on how to pass information around and overtime make their own undocumented changes, as enhancements or as a way to become more exclusive for example, leading to incompatibility between systems. One such case is IBM's Bi-Sync Proto…

First Steps into GSoC

An inexperienced blogger and his first blog.
First and foremost, to avoid wasting anyone's time, I need to warn that this is just an introductory post to test the blog and the general approach. Also, and at least for now, I'm adopting a tag system so that people can either go to the kind of post they want.
Weekly report - Objectively sums up the work results of a given weekBrainstorming - Always GSoC related, but maybe vague, messy and informalHouston, we have a problem - Workflow of tackling an hard/interesting problem Google Summer of Code is an initiative that allows a student to work in the summer, as a developer, in Open Source projects. Astonishingly, I was selected to work in one! A plugin Installer for Prosody! Astonishingly because this was my first serious proposal at a GSoC project. I feel there is an overwhelming amount of competition out there and right now I just feel very blessed to actually have been chosen O.o

Anyway, why Prosody and XSF. The absolute main rea…