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10th gsoc week report

Last week has been spent mostly on writing good documentation and trying to see what else can be improved around whats done. Check out below, to see which doc files are about to be updated so far!

Prosody documentation:

/doc/prosodyctl- added command entries
/doc/prosodyctl - Added a reference to the plugin installer documentation page
/doc - Added a reference to the plugin installer documentation page
/doc/plugin_installer - Created this new page
/doc/plugin_installer - Added introduction, pointing to links regarding prosodyctl, core and community modules, installing modules manually
/doc/example_config - Added the new field for the plugin installer directory
/doc/configure - Added info about configuring the installer's path


Not too sure what to do with /doc/installing_modules. I could update the installer info here, but I feel it needs a dedicated space. This space is still useful on its own, since core plugins are still coming installed in the old way.
I haven't been able to run my own version of prosody's website, which I'd like to do. Well, I was, but there is these problems with hyperlinks, that are explained in the website's readme file. Some writing tricks are needed to make them work, and seems like people usually do this via nginx, which I never use. I used apache, to test the installer fetching modules, but I've got no idea how to make the hyperlinks work there. I spent some time on this apache/nginx issue, but ended up moving on, as I feel it isn't really the important thing to focus. Now I'm just sending my mentors patch files, so we can decide if things are good to go or not.
I should try to make a true prosody package too. I've running things from source now, since it is the absolutely most convenient way for developers to work, but that isn't what the everyday user will do. Maybe I shouldn't do so though, the installer might be just included in the next major prosody's release. This is an extra and can be done after GSoC though.
GSoC is ending and I need to lookout for it. I feel I'm not been able to communicate as I should though. Maybe its just the stress. 
Hope this project can be really useful at the end O.o

Future goals

Review documentation
Check what can be improved, regarding docs
Keep checking for core improvements until merge time
Consider updating prosody's pacakge
Prepare final project webpage to showcase work, as requested by GSoC