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2nd GSoC week summary

What do you mean, its on fire?

Second week has been a little uneventful. Preparation for those last evaluations and working on GSoC is proving to be a hard task. The first GSoC evaluation is already around the corner, so pressure is definitely rising!



  • prosodyctl: 
    • Trying to reverse engineer mod_admin_telnet.lua and modulemanager.lua to deal with plugins. This path was discarded earlier, by my mentor's suggestion
    • Studying prosodyctl's util.startup.lua and how it installs plugins after reading the configuration file
  • Luarocks:
    • Studying luarocks_admin.add command and experimenting with it 


  • Time management between university and GSoC's courses/projects evaluations

Future goals:

  • Import luarocks.admin's add, list and remove commands into prosody
  • Allowing the added functionality to recognize prosody's plugins and not just Rocks


Fully understanding Prosody and Luarocks in order to make my own code is taking more time than it really should. I feel like time is going by and things are stalling too much. There is a lot of code around both projects that I don't really need but are quite mixed in the scripts, making it difficult for me to tell if my time is really being well spent when I'm trying to understand a utility script or some other piece of code.
After talking with my mentor, we've decided to simply add luarocks.admin's functionalities into prosody, and after that strip away unnecessary code. This should allow me to make some improvement and give the required background to build the solution we desire for the installer.
I feel like the most crucial thing right now is achieving a good level of focus, given that there are a lot of evaluations coming up, each one demanding attention. This seems to continuously cut time each day, and taking the required concentration to perform deep work, as Cal Newport would say. Despite my mentor's clear directions, it is challenging to take in all the code and concepts floating around and do something with it, without a clear mind. But challenges are what we are for, so I'm optimistic about this next week!