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Remainder of GSoC's first phase summary

A long way to climb

End of first phase is here! This post reflects last weeks' development as I juggle hands and feet through the climb.



- Added support for luarocks:
  • admin-add (Flags supported: --tree, --server, --no-refresh, --help)
  • admin-remove (Flags supported: --tree, --server, --no-refresh, --help)
  • list commands(Flags supported: --tree, --help)
- Various bug fixes, to make added functions comply with prosodyctl functionality and coding style

Software usage

- Solved some issues I was having when using ZeroBrane's studio to debug
- Tinkering around the creation of rocks and rockspecs from mod_smacks


- Still clumsy using different tools, like ZBS's IDE, Mercurial and Luarocks
- Some challenges with blog posts formatting

Future goals

- Enabling and disabling the mod_smacks plugin through prosodyctl 


Albeit still going too slowly for my taste, some progress is being made in most fronts. University evaluation period will be over next week, and in the mean time I feel more efficient using different tools when working on prosody. Picked up some of my notes from these last weeks and I'm intending in publishing them as blog posts. The idea is that they'll be half tutorial, for those unfamiliar with a particular tool, and the other half is how it allowed me to solve some problems along the way. Unexpectedly, when I published my ZeroBrane post, I noticed some issues with blogger converting text into HTML. Whether it was its fault or mine, formatting was totally a mess and I ended up using more time than what I wanted to. Hope things go better, if I make it through this first phase O.o